Ray Kinner Builders

Graphic Design. Visual Brand Identity.
April/May 2019

Logo Design and branding for a Los Angeles based and female-owned Home Contracting business.


Ray Kinner Builders is a female-owned home contracting business based out of Los Angeles, CA that is run by the daughter of its founder, Debbie Hanrahan. She has been running the business for the past twenty years and has established herself on the Westside of Los Angeles home scene due to her impeccable taste, high quality home plans and interior designs, and skilled craftsmanship.

Debbie runs the business with her daughter, and I was approached by the two of them to create a logomark and business card that encompasses the classic essence of their business, echoes back to the quality of their work, and signals home construction effortlessly.


After initial brainstorming and logo iterations, we landed on a hammer and nail logomark. From there, I sketched the logo concept in various styles, ultimately landing on a mark in a copper plate carving style. The mark is coupled with the business name in an elegant Serif typeface.

Once the logo design was complete, I transitioned over to the business card. Here, I landed on a square shaped card, with the logo embossed on the front in a deep hunter green, and the stand alone mark + contact information on the back.


For the business card design, we discussed different ways to make the card have a high quality feel to it. We tested paper weights, double-plys, different designs, potential embossings, debossings, or die cuts, spot-glossing, and more before landing on the selected design. Below you can see two rejected card styles that showcase rejected logo marks, where they are displayed in a different color background in order to emphasize that they were not the selected designs. I show them for two reasons: firstly, because I wanted to bring up the fact that sometimes are preferred designs are not the ones selected, and that is okay, and secondly, because this project had the potential to take on completely different feels, while still dealing with the same exact colors and elements.


Once the two requested deliverables were completed, I created a few other promotional items to suggest to the company. One example was a leather key ring where Ray Kinner Builders could hang the keys to their clients to give to them in their hand off.

Image of Bright Lite Issue 09 Resubscribe cards- a promotional card that is sent with each subscriber’s copy

Image of Bright Lite Issue 09 Resubscribe cards- a promotional card that is sent with each subscriber’s copy


The second item I designed for them was a matchbox design to be left with their thank you packages at the completion of their jobs. They currently provide a candle and thank you note, and I am working with them to expand this offering to provide a personal touch on the exit.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 1.40.47 PM.png

The next step with this client is going to be creating their own branded thank you notes and door hangers. I am proposing to create a hotel do not disturb-like folder that holds some of the local businesses their clients might need to reach out to (for example, local grocers, hardware stores, electricians, etc). I believe that this thank you package holding the keys on the new key ring, the matches, a candle, and the door hanger folder would provide Ray Kinner Builders’ clients with helpful move in information, a friendly goodbye, and a smile on their faces. Further, I believe this package will help Ray Kinner Builders with referrals, due to the branded-yet subtle items, as well as further relationships with other businesses in the areas they work. Finally, it will ease the move-in process for all parties involved, evidencing just another reason why new clients should work with Ray Kinner Builders in the future.

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