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February 2019

Designer: Jaime Daigle
Writer: Sara Radin
Editing Team: Bright Lite Staff


BRIGHT LITE polled their readers and collected insightful consumer data regarding their shopping choices earlier this year. They brought me on board to work with the writer to create a visually inclined report based on their data. The report, which released in February and went through a re-release in August, is geared at providing big-box brands a look into the preferences of the demographic (girls/ young adults 8-15) so that they can reach them in a more authentic way.

The writer, Sarah Radin , was based out of New York, so we communicated via email, facetime, and google docs commenting to nail the project down. After the copy was completed, I worked over a two week period to bring back my iteration of the report for feedback. From there, we went through many iteration rounds landing on an orange and coral color palette and a 72-page report.


This project was a challenge for me because it was the first after stepping away from a more structured role at a startup, making It my first real ‘freelance’ project after college. I was nervous because while I knew I had the skills to do it, it was the first time I was picking up clients on my own out in the real world, my first time working with an indesign file over 60 pages, and the first time I had a lot of a client’s money going to print one of my designs (due to quantity needed), that I felt I could mess up at any point. It was a time of fear, execution, and overall a confidence boost. I am really proud of this report because I really had to step up my game and fake it til I made it (not really, they were aware of my past projects, but more to fake my confidence, I guess :P).


This project also inspired me to think a little introspectively about my design education. I felt that this challenge of really just going at it with no seasoned designer checking my files, no one brainstorming with me, and no one holding a critique was an awesome experience to test what I really knew and what I can do when I do not second guess myself. It was something that I had not really had to do before because there was always someone else: someone grading, someone serving as production artist, someone critiquing and helping suggest options, someone overseeing me, etc.

I can name countless projects I worked on in my past experience in school, from at my four year university, to my study abroad term at the Engineering and Design school of Barcelona, or my summer at Central Saint Martins, that would stop at my digital file, or perhaps some mockups printed out and pinned to a board, or a low-fi prototype to explain a concept. I’d love to see more hands on production happen in design education, to strengthen design student’s confidence that their designs will come to life, and they will because they have the skills to make it happen.


My client for this project wanted the report to be loud, catch your eye, and captivating. Immediately, I felt typography was going to place a huge role in asserting that command. As my heading font choice, I selected Acumin Pro and danced between Condensed and Ultra wide. The contrast between the two weights added the right amount of emphasis in typography for me. I used courier new as the body font, in order to echo back to Bright Lite’s overall branding.

Image of Bright Lite Issue 09 Resubscribe cards- a promotional card that is sent with each subscriber’s copy

Image of Bright Lite Issue 09 Resubscribe cards- a promotional card that is sent with each subscriber’s copy


The primary background of the project was blue skies filled with clouds.This type of imagery is used often for the Bright Lite brand, and in the case of this report, was a perfect fit. The report centers around health and wellness, and ultimately we felt the blue skies echoed back to the notion of young kids and pre-teens getting out in the world, being themselves, and staying healthy.


A few months after finishing the report design and creating postcards-like contact cards to be sent alongside the report, I was contacted to design a one page site design to match both the current Bright Lite website and the report itself. The page would only be accessible if you had the link, but would still live in the primary bright Lite site. This meant, it had to feel continuous yet exclusive/ different.

After supplying 6 website mockup concepts, we voted on a favorite amongst the Bright Lite team and finalized the winner. What I came up with was a reskinning of the current Bright Lite site look to showcase the color palette and imagery of the report. From there, I designed a simple layout with copy that was supplied to me and worked in a preview section to give viewers a quick taste of what they are requesting. The mockup and all assets were then sent to Bright Lite’s website developer, who built out the page. Below you can view the final result.


This process was great because I got to work alongside a developer to really collaborate on getting this page up. It was a simple job and one that was completed in 3 days time (mockup took one day to completed and was supplied to developer that day, to then be live on the site two days later).

One thing that I love about doing web design is that each client I work with has their site set up in a certain way, and I get to navigate how to best serve them within their set up. In Bright Lite’s case, it is so helpful to have a developer ready to build the design I create, because I can focus on the design itself more so than the execution.

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